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  • Vilitra 20mg

    Vilitra 20 mg is the strongest and most effective erectile dysfunction drug and it works for almost all men. It has a rapid onset of action and lasts up to 50% longer than sildenafil.

  • Vidalista 20mg

    Visalista 20 is an FDA approved drug used to treat erectile dysfunction problems in men. It is the only drug proven to treat erectile dysfunction problems for up to 36 hours.

  • Fildena 100mg

    Fildena 100 contains sildenafil citrate like Viagra and is manufactured by Fortune Health Care in India. Hence, Fildena 100mg is also known as Generic Viagra.

  • cenforce 100mg

    Cenforce 100 Tablet is widely used by men and is known to contain an active ingredient known as Sildenafil Citrate 100mg.

  • Excellent pills for treat erectile dysfunction - cenforce 25

    Cenforce 25 Medicine is a drug used by me for sexual problems in men, this drug relaxes by increasing blood flow to the muscles. This medicine can be taken only once a day.

  • Cenforce 150 : Accommodates to enhance your Sexual ability

    Using cenforce 150 can speed up the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. The drug contains a major ingredient called sildenafil citrate.

  • Malegra 200 | For Desire Sexual Pleasure

    The task of providing adequate penis stiffness to all ED men is done by a drug called malegra 200. Malegra should not be taken by men with heart and kidney problems as the drug may be harmful to them.

  • Duratia 90 mg

    If a dose of Duratia 90 mg ‚Äčtablet is missed, take the dose as soon as you remember. If it is almost the time for the next dose, skip the missed dose and take the next dose. Do not double the dose to make up for the missed one.for more information visit

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