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  • Augmented reality

    Augmented reality (AR) is the technology that enables the integration of virtual elements into a real environment.

  • Cinephilia

    Cinephilia, in its etymological sense, is a love of cinema. The term was coined in France in 1910. Today it is identified with the passion aroused by film in any of its manifestations.

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  • Found footage

    Found footage is a film genre in which the totality or a substantial part of the film is made using pre-existing filmed material.

  • New television

    New television or hypertelevision is a form of conceiving television consumption, thanks to the connectivity advances allowed by the Internet.

  • Online audiovisual archives

    Online audiovisual archives are repositories of audiovisual contents organised and disseminated via the Internet.

  • Remix

    Remix, as its name suggests, refers to an alternative mix of a song or video.

  • Screen power

    Within Global Screen, screen power refers to all the screens of the 21st century (cinema, television, Internet, smartphones, digital tablets, surveillance screens, etc.), that have an influence on all sectors of our society.

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