What is it?

Everything you need to know about this project

What is the archive?

The Global Screen post-exhibition is a collaborative archive on the changes that are affecting the audiovisual medium. A space for reflection on the mutations of the transmedia galaxy in the 21st century.

This is formed by videos and website links, organised into different categories. The idea is a participatory project, where it is you the users who add contents and propose new categories. In order to facilitate reflection, each category has a space for debate where you can intervene and explain your view.


What can I find in the archive?

The archive contains useful and high-quality resources related with different issues for reflection on the audiovisual. They are links that may correspond to articles, posts, videos and projects.... All this documentation is ordered into categories. In order to reflect and take a deeper look at the issues, a debate is also opened in each country where users can contribute their ideas.


How can I take part?

In this archive everyone can contribute. To do so, all you have to do is register and log in to the website with your email address and a password. Once you have done that you can add categories, incorporate new content and participate in the debates.


The post-exhibition

Once the incubation and exhibition phases are over, Global Screen continues with the tour of the physical exhibition and with the creation of an archive that allows us to record the conceptual and formal evolution of the project, with contributions from all the contributors and co-creators.

The third phase aims to go beyond simply transferring to an archive all the learning from the project. Without forgetting the legacy of Global Screen, the aim is to create a Hub for reflection on the audiovisual. A tool that can serve to analyse and debate the new audiovisual ecosystem, taking the book of the same title by Gilles Lipovetsky and Jean Serroy as a basis but without limiting ourselves to the frontiers drawn there.


Global Screen, an open project

From 25 January to 28 May 2012 the CCCB presented the exhibition Global Screen, a show based on the book of the same title by Gilles Lipovetsky and Jean Serroy, the exhibition's curators together with Andrés Hispano, which explores the power of screens in today's society.

This exhibition was the second phase of a project that was launched on 1 October 2011 with the activation of the virtual platform, which aimed to give visibility to the incubation phase of the exhibition.

Now the second phase was over, the exhibition continues with tours and with a virtual archive that aims to express all the baggage learned in this project and at the same time be a meeting point for reflection on the audiovisual.

The call to receive audiovisual pieces will remain open while the exhibition remains on tour